Home of the Free: Sweetwyrdness founders tap into the eclectic and beautiful with lifestyle, media company

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Ark Republic speaks to Ananda and Zaccai Free, founders of Sweetwyrdness, a highly innovative lifestyle and media company that celebrates and connects those who express themselves in authenticity.

From explaining the concept of wyrd to talking about the eccentric and Afro-futuristic tribal art-fashioned home decor and fashion, the interview touches upon topics that can leave you inspired or thinking. The Free’s are nothing to play with, they come with power, knowledge and love to implement in their Sweetwyrdness brainchild.

So who are they?

Ananda, the visual creative of the husband-and-wife duo, is a mixed-media artist/designer who explores her artistry through the use of vibrant colors via acrylics, oil, natural dyes, pigments and paper. Years of her art making is captured on a line of fashion and decor.

Zaccai Free, the media relations arm of the team, is an author, humanitarian and trainer. He uses his extensive background as a Stress Reduction-Trauma Relief specialist and facilitating personal empowerment programs in the Caribbean, Canada, and US inner cities.

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