It’s Monday. Get your home office organized

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70 percent of people who work around the world, spend at least one day working from home. What’s your home office situation?

If it’s anything like the telecommuting crew of Ark Republic, it can get messy and hectic.

For some at-home office secrets on maintaining an organized and productive space, we reached out to some career women executives, directors and managers who have telecommuted for years and are entrepreneurs. Their tips and advice are priceless.

Adrienne Cole Johnson Director of Family Engagement at Peter Paul Development Center

“Years ago, I changed the name [of my work space]. What looks like my office is what I now call my Creative Room. Just that shift affected how I interact with the room.”

Cole Johnson continues, “In addition to sitting at the table working, I have a meditation space and my daughter has a space in the room as well. While some people’s home office may seem stiff and boring, our creative room now feels energy filled and motivating!”

  • Love on your space and be particular about how you design your office.
  • Allow things that you are attracted to, to live in it such as colors, items, etc.
  • Ensure that it’s comfortable
  • Do seasonal checks. Quarterly times to de-clutter are helpful for me.
  • Business happens quickly so having a set time to clean and check my organization has gone a long way.

Charney Robinson-Williams Director of Communications & Events at The Protein Society

“Once I spruced my office up, I was more inclined to keep it clean and neat.”

  • Create a workspace that you love in terms of functionality and style.
  • Try to create daily organization task lists. Organizing just one thing a day keeps the clutter away
  • Storage!!! People probably do not have as much space as a real office. So use walls and think creatively with storage. Places like Ikea, Hobby Lobby, and Michael’s are your friend!
  • Glass board? Or a white board, whatever works for you.
  • Planner/Checklists

Ayanna Shivers Outreach Deputy Director

“When I work from home I have to balance technical writing and creative projects. Having my sunroom serve as my office provides a light-filled indoor-outdoor atmosphere. I’m able to take in my garden right outside of the window during breaks, and refocus with minimal clutter indoors.”

  • Minimize items on your work desk or table. This helps keep it clear of clutter.
  • Keep the TV off or remove it from the room. It is easy to get distracted if it is on there.
  • Make the room bright. Even though I have natural sunlight during the daytime, for evenings the light keeps my energy up.
  • Minimize using your office as another space to help focus on accomplishing tasks. If it must be used for other purposes, consider having defined spaces.
  • Use containers. File and label everything to make it easier to find the supplies you need.
  • Devote the last 15 minutes of the day cleaning up your space. So you can have a fresh start the next day.

Aissatou Rugolo Reimbursement Manager The Medical College of Wisconsin

[If] you have the TV, the front door, the window plus the energy in that space, [it] is too relaxed. Well . . . mine is anyway.

  • Make sure you have enough storage space! If you don’t have appropriate shelving, binders, folders you end up with piles of crap all over your desk. Have a designated space that doesn’t perform double duty!
  • Don’t make your living room double as your work space….too many distractions.

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