From sports performance enhancing drugs to Jay Z’s NFL partnership and the missed-education of college athletes | Sports Talk with Chase Matthews Podcast

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We’ve got sports. Yay! Introducing, “Sports Talk with Chase Matthews,” a podcast by budding sports journalist, Chase Matthews who invites fans of sports and athletes to speak on the intersections of the game, the politics and social-cultural issues.

Listen to Ark Republic’s new sports podcast, “Sports Talk with Chase Matthews.”

On this inaugural episode, sports aficionado, Matthews and his guest host, Kyle Brown, dive into a range of issues: Wilson Chandler gets banned for testing for performance enhancing drugs; Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’neal feud; Andrew Luck retiring at the age of 29; and Jay Z’s partnership with the NFL.

The main discussion of the episode explores why college athletes are getting a “true education.”

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Chase Matthews is a sports journalist and former athlete who loves cars. He lives in Dirty Jersey.

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