Fading away: Barbershops and gentrification in Downtown Newark, New Jersey | Photo Story


Epic Creations 106 Market Street, 2nd Floor. Epic Creations owner Jay the Barber, has been a staple barber in Newark for 25-plus years and a shop owner for ten.  

His shop is located on Market Street, close to Washington Street in a small pocket of downtown that is yet to be rehabbed.  Street vendors still hawk and hustle, and even there are some empty retail spaces available that are somewhat affordable. But, at the very least, the available storefronts offer an opportunity for those who dream to succeed.  

I met Jay 20-years-ago. Both of us were employees at Technihair. When I visited his shop in early September, I asked for his take on what’s happening in the community. He said, “The thing about gentrification that’s good in the hood‚ is that they are coming over here bringing money into the neighborhood and fixing the city up. That’s always a good thing.  The bad thing is that they are pushing us out. If you don’t own houses and business you’re pushed out, and it’s happening.”

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  1. That’s crazy hearing about Million Dollar Kutz. The accomplishments of gentrification is like the backlash our community receive due to lack of economical unity. Duane and Kaia. Keep up the great work making knowledge born. Ptah. Peace

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