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A poem and performance giving raw truths of how the real gangster in Chicago is gentrification.

You may not know, but

In Chi — this G, is the real G, in gangster, a wolf in sheeps clothing, disguised to pull the

wool over your eyes.

And this G has code, this should not be no surprise,
but actually, recognized, to be detrimental.
This G code, is a process that is part of a privileged system.

That is defined as, a

the process of renovating, improving a house or district, so that it conforms to a middle-

class taste.

In other words, a systematic process that will leave Black and Latino
communities, incarcerated, dysfunctional, impoverished and displaced.
A peril that leaves Chi neighborhoods wiped out with abandon lots, empty houses,

vacant spots,
fiends who walk the block,

once thriving, kid freely neighbors, are now marked,
with blood stains, where innocent bodies have dropped.

To what extent and to what cost will this G execute people of color to be the boss.

So many souls have already been lost
Crossed, ejected and tossed.
This G is cold, frigid and frost.

This G’s bite, sparks the dynamite that brings destruction to the Black and Latino
masses.  White enforced migrations, like purposely caused accidents that leave the

windy city crashin’.

With Whole community brokin’ up into small fragments and fractions. Hood Smashin’!
All for the purpose of these folks who want to walk  in our hood with their carcinogen

sweaters and docker pants to show their sterile  ass fashion.
This muthafucking G upgrades without the original program.  Damn!

That’s like somebody coming on your block and setting up new rules, that didn’t include


With bigger tools, that play the people for fools,

and if you don’t move,

this G’s ideology would literally make you disappear.

This may sound like some crazy shit and appear to be drastic, but this G is suffocating

the community with this breath-taking plastic.
And I’m being sincere.  For real though!
Sssh… listen, come here!

Because this G is definitely no gentleman and his-trification is a fallacy that really

doesn’t exist,

but even though the impact may hit slow, this G was still using his fist.  So, the pain

from his fallacy made the situation real.

This G is for Gentrification and in no way is it here to bring positive change for the

people or heal.

This G in Chicago is like a devil who came to destroy, kill and steal. So, in Chi we say,

as the opps that revolt, “be alert, is to be alive.”

Unite under proactive resistance and keep your community together, solid, strong with

dignity and pride.

Herman Spencer is a Chicago native whose career in youth development has spanned over two decades. Now, Spencer is a community activist, organizer and educator in New Orleans. In the past, Spencer worked with a number of educational and community-based institutions, developing and implementing workshops and youth development trainings with particular emphasis on self-defense/love, cultural competency and a philosophy of self-empowerment.

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