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Southern Comfort | The World is a Gamble | Comic Strip

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Matthew Gamble’s comic strip, The World is a Gamble presents a satirical, but true experience of Blacks participating in a reverse migration back down South.

Since the 1990s, African Americans who are descendants of Southern migrants in the mass exodus in the early-to-mid 20th Century, now move back. The shift in location shows a growing wealth gap for Blacks who have collectively lost half of their wealth since 2008 housing crisis and Wall Street collapse.

For some, moving down south it is a welcomed reprieve from northern and out west cities that have become increasingly hostile and difficult to have a sustainable, decent quality of life. The couple in the comic strip shows a welcome to the both prickly and scary.

Matthew Gamble, creator of comic strip, Da Gambling Man, inks humorous stories on the most uncomfortable issues. When duty calls, he transforms into a reporter to cover culture, news and art.

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