‘We like to pawty’: A costumed yappy hour for canines provides holistic pet care tips on CBD

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The CBD industry taps into the well-being of canines by expanding a sector focusing in cannabidiol products for pet care.

Schmoozing with pooches and sipping mocktails was more than a pet care pawty for canines and their caregivers at New York City-based holistic CBD retailer, Come Back Daily. It gave partygoers, both four paws and two, the opportunity to learn about a growing industry in cannabis that focuses on pet health.

“There’s an innate connection between a pet and their human,” says Come Back Daily co-founder Steven Phan. “Sharing the wellness benefits of CBD will only strengthen that loving bond, contributing to a happy and healthy lifestyle for the entire family.”

Entering into a new partnership with pet CBD brand, CBD Dog Health, Come Back Daily recently threw a Halloween networking party for doggies and their parents. While doggies strutted in cute costumes and indulged in tasty treats, CBD Dog Health co-founder, Angela Ardolino and petcare expert Hernando Umana, participated in a Q&A with parents.

“As an advocate for systematic change, it’s important to inform pet owners that the benefits of CBD extend even stronger to their furry companions,” explains Ardolino who was one of the first graduates in the inaugural professional certification program in medical cannabis for therapeutic use at the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

1. Mary Atwater-Kellman brought Stan an IG celebrity at Come Back Daily’s party. | 2. Halloween costume pawty-goers gather around for salmon treats by CBD Dog Health. | 3. Hermano Umana with his ‘fur children’. | 4. A tincture for dogs to help with stress, anxiety and fear by CDB Dog health are homeopathic blends of CBD and other all-natural ingredients, including arnica, ginger, frankincense, salmon oil, vanilla, and various other natural compounds. | 5. Edible treats for canines were offered by CBD Dog Health, a company that creates edibles for canines with specially formulated ingredients designed to work in concert for extended absorption and optimal effectiveness for dogs of any breed and size.

Happy, healthy doggies is a booming business

The CBD pet care industry is serious business. Like a $125 million to $1.16 billion a year by 2022 business. With those projected numbers come concerns with quality control. “Our mission to educate the community about CBD, and to provide them with clean, safe and effective CBD products extends to the canine companions of pet owners,” adds Phan.

Far from crude social media posts where dogs accidentally eat someone’s edibles or a stash of kush, rather, CDB and dog health experts provide holistic alternatives for dogs who suffer a range of issues similar to humans, and need holistic remedies for healing.

Ardino says that “Full spectrum CBD for dogs, functions in much the same way that does it for humans. It can alleviate anxiety, help with arthritis and seizures among many other symptoms we suffer from.” 

As the medical uses of CBD expands, a growing market caters to the needs of canines. Mary Atwater-Kellman, dog mom to two adopted senior pups, Stan and Inky, attended the event. Before Stan and Inky, who have become quite the IG-celebrities, Atwater-Kellman documented on Instagram, how she used CBD to care for her late dog, Emoji, who was blind and deaf. Now, she incorporates the medicinal treatment as part of Stan and Inky’s care, while now featuring them on social media.

The pawty was just one way that Come Back Daily works to educate on ways that people can incorporate CBD use. By providing an array of programming like, workshops, lectures, and panel discussions at their East Village store, they continue to remove stigmatizes and elevate conversations about holistic and healthy living.

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