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On this episode of “Sports Talk with Chase,” sports analyst, Chase Matthews dives into the NBA.

Matthews discusses Paul George on fire with limited minutes, what this means for Los Angeles Clippers and what happens when Kawhi Leonard and George are both back. Will this dynamic duo be enough to unseat the Lakers as the number one team in LA.

For the Dallas Maverics, Luka Doncic is having an amazing season so far. Is he better than people projected him to be? How far can the Mavs go? The numbers all show that in Doncic sophomore season he is playing more like a 5 year veteran.

Next up, could the James Harden and Russell Westbrook combo be contenders for championship? Russ and harden are both showing that they can co-exist together and win. Both superstars are putting up monster numbers and could possibly win the championship.

Surprisingly, the Celtics are having major success without Kyrie Irving, one of the best records in the NBA and, Jaylen Brown earning every dollar of his new contract. Jason Tatum has also been spectacular in the Celtics early 11-2 record early in the season.

With Carmelo Anthony signing to Blazers, what this means for the veteran player and how will he do on Portland? This is Melo’s last chance to show the NBA and the world that he is still worthy of playing in the NBA. After last year’s performance, not many teams were willing to give him a chance. Portland has given him an opportunity to quit the non believers of his all star talent.

Chase Matthews is a sports analyst who lives in New Jersey.

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