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Gig-after-gig, Jazmyn “Phae” Whyte grew tired of the hard grind to make ends meet. So she decided to curate events to empower artists rather than exploit them. Guess what? She has an ugly sweater party coming. Join in the fun.

What is your business?

The core of PhaeDesigns is built around changing the ideology that artists, creatives, or anyone working for themselves have to struggle in their respective fields prior to becoming successful. Phaedesigns creates platforms via events for talented individuals to get a chance to showcase their talents on a consistent basis while bringing themselves more brand notoriety and revenue. 

What makes your business special?

While working with creatives, we reintroduce the currency exchange of barter-ship,  this encourages them not only to work with one another, but to also recognize the value that we each carry. In a capitalistic environment, one can lose sight of what true wealth is. As an active pillar within my community, I could identify not only the problems within the community but the underlying need for an interpersonal change. Additionally, I see the brand/business that I started, as an extension of myself. 

What made you start?

Originally I was a high school recruiter for a non-profit called “No More Rounds.” That experience lead to me wanting to create an environment conducive to learning and expanding oneself beyond the proposed limitations. 

How does your business solve a problem?

As a musician of 16 years and a deejay of five, I noticed that there was no true unity amongst the creatives and the curators. Instead of waiting idly, I started to create events that would cater to everyone involved. This energy manifested in 2016, into my first production called, “The Mimosa Mixer.” 

Although I barely broke even, I was completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. All the artists that partnered were able to benefit financially and emotionally, thus creating an even better vibe for our patrons. For me, that is how I measure my success. 

Since then, I have orchestrated an annual vegan cookout called the “Garden State Kickback,”: a fashion show pool party called, the “Wet N Wavy,” also set to be annual; and a tea party brunch series called, “L.I.T.” The L.I.T will be one of the last events I do for 2019, it will be themed as an semi-formal, ugly sweater party on December 20th. 

Tickets for the L.I.T and other events are currently in my Instagram bio, as well as vending opportunities for anyone interested.

Another dope thing about me

I will be graduating from Rising Tide’s Business Academy in January and am truly grateful for the recognition going into the new year. For any business inquiries, I can be reached via Instagram or email at

How to contact DJ Phae.

Instagram: PhaeDesigns — Facebook: PhaeDesigns

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