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For NZingha, it is important to remove and detach from emotions and things that weigh her down during the winter solstice. Her meditations and other traditions have been key as a mother who does not celebrate Christmas, but wants her daughter to carry on a healthy and wholistic customs.

What is the ritual?

The transition from the Autumn Equinox to the Winter Solstice serves as my new birth year, so part of my ritual during this time of the year is to purge and plan. 

I look at the year to come and create a monthly and yearly calendar of the things I want to accomplish holistically for every area of my life. I purge relationships, ideas, choices, my home, and my spirit of things that were left undone, things that no longer protect or add progress. 

As part of the purging process, I cancel all my financial cards and get new numbers for them. Also, I exchange gifts with my daughter at the start of each season because I didn’t raise her to celebrate holidays, but to honor the change in nature; as well as, the seasons that we are together and have gotten through. 

During this time, I plot the moon’s shifts and charge my stones with new energy. My meditation at the altar may include candles, herbs that are burned or offered, and stones that are either placed or held for a specific purpose.

What do you do to carry out the ritual? And, what is needed?

These things take the whole season. It is an ongoing process. My meditation is five minutes. Currently there are three burning candles during: white for cleansing, green for physical healing and finances; and yellow for focus, and intellect. I use an application on my phone called, Insight timer. I set a Tibetan singing bowl bell to start and end it. I also set a bell at each minute interval to guide my focus back to my intentions during my meditation.

Who is involved?

I do this alone.

Is this from a specific tradition or people?

It is a personal spiritual ritual. 

What is the purpose of the ritual? Or, what is its significance?

it is meant to balance my energies, growth, mindfulness and body with the natural flow of the Universe. It is meant to also balance my mind with my body.

What are important elements of the ritual?

There is a statue of a Buddha or Bodhisattva to remind me of my focus to live with commitment not attachment. There is also a live plant to connect me to earth and nature, there are candles to focus my energies and mindfulness and there are Tibetan singing bowls to cleanse the energies and balance the vibrations around me. Also there is burning Palo Santo wood for balance  and cleansing as well. 

What made you implement or practice this ritual at this time of the year?

I have always been more spiritual than religious.  I am a lifetime learner. I am a Buddhist that practices what feels right with my spirit and energy. I pick up things through learning and make them a part of my practice etc. yoga

Who do you share this ritual with?

Yes, it is a practice that I have passed on to my daughter, she practices these things her way. She burns herbs, candles and carry stones and/or place them throughout her home. 

What does the ritual bring for you overall?

Peace, balance, clarity and detachment to anything other than change.

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