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The Black Coffee Company takes on Student Loans

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In a financial literacy webinar, a Black-owned coffee company launched by long time friends, addresses the best practices and hacks in tackling student loans.

When five Xavier University alumni decided to go into business, they wanted their venture to reflect their passion of financial literacy and the love of coffee. Years later, The Black Coffee Co. developed a series on webinars designed to engage and empower community members dealing with student loan debt. On January 8, 2020 they will host an online community conversation, discussing the topic of “Student Loan Debt Crisis.”

Black Coffee Co. co-founder Leonard Lightfoot says, “Coffee is the vehicle we are using to bring the community together, there is power in working together.”

Another co-founder, Jamin Butler, adds, “As a current participant in a student loan forgiveness program, I have had to make so many sacrifices to pay down my debt and it can feel never ending. Thanks to my team and network of colleagues sharing their own journeys, challenges, and successes, I am definitely inspired to be more aggressive and even more unconventional in my methods and strategy.”

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Student loan crisis is predicted to be the next financial bubble in the US, according to Ark Republic story. In 2008, it was reported that over $1.4 trillion is owed in student loan debt. With growing concerns of how young professionals can pay five-and-six figure debts, the discussion by Black Coffee Co. is prefect timing. During the webinar, the five-man panel aims to tackle the following: normalize the conversation around student loan debt remove the negative stigmas that prevent people from seeking and receiving assistance; share strategies and resources amongst the online community of participants, identifying “best practices” or “tips/hacks” to make repayment more efficient; encourage aggressive and consistent debt repayment; and ultimately, continue the pursuit of financial freedom.

Launched in 2018, Black Coffee Co. sells fresh, organic coffee beans and branded merchandise. At the same time, they offer financial literacy workshops. In the past two years we have experienced much success with their on-the-ground, direct-to-consumer and wholesale markets. All the while, they have steadily built strategic partnerships from New Orleans to the Los Angeles to connect with businesses and organizations focusing on community empowerment. The company is made up of five long-time friends: Jamin Butler, Leonard E. Lightfoot, Branden Cole, Gino J. Jones and Christopher Bolden.

How to participate in the ZOOM webinar: For more information on how to participate, visit:

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