Ark Republic launches news podcast: Inaugural shows covers coronavirus, the Super Bowl, politics and the US Census

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We have a news podcast. Yay!

Ark Republic’s inaugural news podcast features a line up discussing everything from sports, to politics and ending in a conversation about this year’s US Census.

Current event topics: Coronavirus spreads; Australian fires; Caribbean earthquakes, Tammy Jackson Act, Restoring voting rights for felons; Nestle corporation gets sued again, Trump Administration passes law favoring the split between Israel and Palestine

Our guests:
1. Ark Republic sports analysts Chase Matthews and Takai Walden discuss the Super Bowl. 11:38

2. Tezlyn Figargo updates us on the Impeachment trial of President Donald Trump in the Senate; the Democratic presidential campaign; career readiness for prisoners readying for release; and the water crisis that still goes on in Flint, Michigan. 23:59
IG: @tezlynfigaro
Twitter: @tezlynfigaro

3. Sherice Janaye Nelson speaks on the historical relevance of the US Census and African Americans; and encourages folks to be more than counted, but to make their visibility known since the census occurs only every ten years.
IG: @drjanaye
Twitter: @drjanaye

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