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Coffee company hosts a ‘conversation on generational wealth’ in monthly financial empowerment series

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Black Coffee company continues open dialogue that brings financial awareness and agency to underserved communities with generational wealth webinar on Feb. 10.

This weekend, Jamin Butler served steaming hot cups of java at Melanin Market in Los Angeles for The Black Coffee Company. The innovative outdoor bazaar fosters community for Black entrepreneurs and small businesses, as well as, provide a space for them to sell products and wares. Juggling the fairly new role as a husband, and now the father of a 5-month old and 13-year-old, Butler is tired, but he continues his hustle.

Between his day job as an academic resource coordinator at a local university, and fatherhood duties in the evening, he manages a smile and says, “yes indeed,” while talking about the life of an entrepreneur. His adage is a common expression that shows his time in New Orleans as an undergrad which is part of his story. He along with four other longtime friends launched The Black Coffee Company in 2018 as a social enterprise that sold US-roasted, small batch coffee beans, but also provided financial empowerment through workshops and partnerships.

“Our first priority is to begin a series of open and intentional conversations, to better understand the resources we have now and what we need to develop,” explains Butler.

Jamin Butler at Melanin Market LA. Photo credit: Melanin Market LA

Although, Butler is weary. He is not alone. In four other cities, his co-founders—Leonard E. Lightfoot, Branden Cole, Gino J. Jones and Christopher Bolden—are grinding too. To add, they just celebrated their 2-year-anniversary, another feat to manage a company where the owners live in different cities and have varied lives. Nonetheless, the five Xavier University graduates continue what they consider the more important parts of their company: financial workshops.

On Monday, Feb. 10, at 6 p.m. PST, the company will host a workshop focusing on generational wealth on a Zoom webinar. Generational wealth is a term that has grown amongst Black communities who work to navigate the murky economic waters. Annual reports released by the Federal Reserve, show that since 1989, the top 1 percent of the world has captured $21 trillion in wealth, while the bottom 50 percent lost $900 billion. Most of the African American community are in the lower half of the hierarchy.

The general wealth webinar will run like all of their workshops, it is more of a conversational piece than and instructional guide. The seminar is a closed, but inclusive group that is available to Ark Republic members and anyone who wants to join the list of discussants and supporters of The Black Coffee Company. For the Zoom meeting identification and information to join email the following:

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