Ark Republic News updates you on Democratic primaries, Black History Month and discusses economic empowerment, love languages and courtship for Valentine’s Day | Listen

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Our news coverage reports how you can involve yourself in Black History Month and the latest politics while checking the temperature of the world in the global health crises. As well, we discuss how to obtain economic freedom, and how to love up on your honey dip for Black Love Day and Valentine’s Day with guests.

For Ark Republic’s news, we speak with guests: In our “for the love of economic freedom” segment, Jamin Butler of The Black Coffee Company on how he and four other founders keep the social entrepreneurial investment thriving.

As well, for the first time, we speak with Aisha Hale Walden, our new natural beauty and fashion expert on great natural gifts and romantically-inspired clothes to wear for the holiday. From cooking a great meal to protecting your reproductive area, Hale-Walden is celebrating women and honoring the diversity of their bodies in the “love my body true” segment. She also talks about her columns, Dirt: Clean Culture, Clean Beauty and her fashion and glam reporting, Nation of Trends.

Lastly, we get some really great tips and insight on the art of courtship and wooing with the Real Live Hitch, Kian Furnace who launched the lifestyle social brand on Instagram and Facebook, “What to do for date night.”

In our section of current news, we cover the current Democratic primary in New Hampshire then talk about the ramifications of Trump’s acquittal in the Senate’s impeachment trial. We also look at environmental issues in Africa and Australia.

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