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Get off that phone and do something: 31 Great activities for Women’s History Month

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Today is International Women’s Day, a celebration acknowledging women. Why don’t we participate in something that moves women’s rights, lives and initiatives.

Social media posts and texts are cute, but go deeper this woman’s month by showing a woman you appreciate her with an act of love. Here are some ideas or perhaps a check off list.

  1. Protest

  2. Plant a tree at a farm and thank mother earth for her unyielding love.

  3. Exercise in a way you never had to move that body and honor the woman who delivered you, and the woman who reared you.

  4. Indulge in a paint & sip, but use templates celebrating women.

  5. Tell an elder, a woman who is 60-plus that she is earth shattering.

  6. Gather together your closest friends for a wine tasting with women owned wineries.

  7. Brunch with your favorite girl.

  8. Take three consecutive self-care days.

  9. Buy an art piece from the next Frida Kahlo or Jaha Zainabu.

  10. Book reading or signing for a woman author.

  11. Buy a book about girls for boys.Mother reading book to child

  12. Read a book to a girl.

  13. Tell a girl or young woman that they hold the power and are beautiful.

  14. Drop in on a yoga class taught by a woman or at a woman-owned studio.

  15. Get creative, slurp on coffee and snap your fingers at a swanky poetry reading.

  16. Attend a gala or fundraiser for a cause or program supporting women.

  17. Dig into one of the older cultures in the world by taking an African dance class then pay for a woman.

  18. Move those hips with a fun Zumba class spinning empowering music.

  19. Immerse in water to understand the beautiful force of the mothers of the water.

  20. Talk to a sister without wanting anything, but to engage in great conversation.

  21. Crash a fashion show to show them your flyness.

  22. Invest in a woman, any woman.

  23. Organize or participate a business crawl featuring women-owned eateries.

  24. Brush up on bad women who made history.

  25. Sneak into a film festival and clap loudest at women films.

  26. Go to a play where a woman has the lead role rather than the supporting actor.

  27. Pay homage to the feminine.

  28. Take a soul satisfying bath with candles, flowers and a nice soaking elixir.

  29. Tell a woman you love her.

  30. Study crystals.

  31. Be fucking fierce.

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