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21 ways to recharge during the worm moon

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Keep your energy high and recharge during this full moon.

Across cultures, every full moon is given a name. For the full moon in March, it is colloquially called the “worm moon” to signify the beginning of spring. In the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the coming celestial body is termed the “Full Hunger Moon.” 

Native nations in the northern US named it, “Crow Moon,” while in other parts of the world, like Europe, it is the “Moon after Yule.” Or, in early Colonial America, “Lenten Moon,” since it occurs during the Christian season of Lent, a religious observance of fasting and abstinence.

As the full moon occurs before the spring equinox, it marks the warming of the ground and beginning of planting season; hence, the earthworms that come out of hibernation.Plus, Spring is seen as many as the actual start of year as life re-blooms. 

Emerging from a winter slumber is also true for people who gradually shed layers of clothes and indoor living. From Spring fever to Spring cleaning, the worm moon is about starting anew.

On Monday evening or day, depending on your location in the world, the full moon is not only an illuminated lunar phase, but a super moon. As a result, it will shine brighter than normal because it will be 7.5% closer to earth. In fact, it’s the second most illuminated full moon of the year.

For astrologers, this coming full moon will be in the zodiac house of Virgo, an astrological sign ruled by Mercury. As Mercury moves out of retrograde, opportunities will emerge, but the energy around this full moon centers details, clear communication and organization. This full moon is about being calculating, informed and intelligent in your decisions and movements. 

What does that mean? Get your shit together and get your house in order. Indeed, we are in uncertain times, but in instability there are those who remain balanced and resolute. Be that. Here are 21 ways to recharge and refocus.

1. Stay in the house. Energy is high. It is not a myth when law enforcement says that during full moons there is an elevation of violence or weird conduct. Go indoors, into a safe place to hold onto your energy.

2. Take a mineral bath with Himalayan salt or Epsom salt in the moonlight. This classic bath removes toxins from the body. With moonlight, your water is supercharged.

3. Clear the energy in your house with a spiritual burn using one or a combination of these plants. Sage, bay leaves or Palo Alto.

Father and soon taking care of skin. Photo credit: Robert ‘Max’ Twitty.

4. Remove negative energy and bring in good energy with frankincense and myrrh. Burn it as an incense and even sprinkle it in bath water. Or, use it as an added spiritual boost with some drops in a bucket to wash your floors or walls.

5. Turn off all technology. Turn off lights and open your window coverings so the moonlight spills in.

6. Recharge or charge crystals. If you love crystals, you know the power they have when you use them. Placing them in the moon zaps them with a super energy.

7. Clean and recharge waist beads. Put them in a clear glass, mason jar or glass bowl and sit them outside or by a window that captures a lot of light.

Holding an amethyst crystal9. Eat a live meal if you cannot fast. That is non-cooked or raw dinner for lighter digestion. Give that belly a break for one night. Drink a nice non-caffeinated, herbal tea to remain calm and focused. No sugar.

10. Change bedding then sprinkle sheets with essential oils invoking fresh start and perspective. Good ones are lavender, rose, frankincense, Ylang Ylang, and sweet orange/

11. Place a glass of water near your bed. The cup keeps you moisturized and it is said that you sleep better. If you’re more into spirituality, it is said to promote dreaming, visions and messages coming to you while you sleep.

12. Drink lemon water about 1 hour before going to bed. It restores the ph balance in your body for an internal reset.

13. Rewrite your financial and career goals. There is a coming reset in the market with a cut in interest rates. This aligns with the idea that you can excel during this time if you plan and plot with information. Look to see if you can restructure your mortgage or bank loan later on.

Man having a shower with a shower and washing hair14. Wash your hair. Add sandalwood and myrrh to shampoo. This ancient wood and resin not only is good for curving bacteria, but used to promote blessings and block negative energy.

15. Wear white or light colors so that you can meditate or keep your intentions focused on where they need to be. Black is a beautiful color, but it is very intense and draws a lot of energy. So lighten it up to ease the load.

16. Set profoundly, good intentions with a meditation where you write and speak aloud all that you’re grateful for, and the things about you that are beautiful and powerful

17. Forgiveness prayer. Create a prayer allowing yourself absolution, clemency and mercy. We all have dirt on us, but we’re still clean. Learn from the experience, now let it go.

18. Read in a quiet room or with your child.

19. Have an arts & crafts night with family to restore bonding and familial ties.

20. Write 21 affirmative statements about you. Tuck it in your wallet, purse, journal, bible . . . wherever it can be revisited often to remind you of your beautiful presence.

21. Make sweet love. With someone or yourself. Speak lovingly and with affirmation and envision a beautiful life.

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