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This spring deals with a dramatic shift in consciousness. With three months into 2020, the world has been jolted with epic tragedies, financial loss, uncertainties and a pandemic. From a spiritual perspective, we must welcome in the energy of the spring equinox with intentions to grow and reap deserved rewards.

A few weeks before Easter, my father would get his patch ready for harvest. He’d till the ground for a couple of weeks then put in the seeds. That’s what the old folks would do down South. Get their seeds in before Easter, so they’d have their crops by summer.

For this spring equinox, we’re going back to the old folk’s way, but we’ll use quantum intuition. It’s an idea and practice to write down who you want to be and how you want to live in the future. It’s like writing your own book in which you’re the main character. But, this is not fiction, it’s your real life. Now, take that concept and use it for the equinox because we’re planting our dreams, desires and intuition.

3 Days of Cleansing, Calm + Planting

The spring equinox marks a day where there is 12 hours of sun and 12 hours or daylight. This means perfect balance. Since the world has shifted and many lives have been turned upside down, use the energy of the equinox for balance and to move into the summer by staying grounded.

What does quantum equinox look like? I’m proposing a 3 day cleanse starting on Thursday, March 19 and ending Sunday, March 22. This is a short ritual to jump start your spirit and think about yourself from now until the next quarter, the summer solstice. 

During this time, it will be good to do two things. First, dig up all of the things ruminating in your mind that cause blockage, distress and dis-ease. Write them down on a brown paper bag. Be as thorough as you can.

You might write for one day or all three days. Some of y’all might run out of paper. It gets deep like that. Whatever the case, just write. Don’t think about perfect sentence structure or anything. The main focus is pulling up all those weeds in your mind.

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Next is write affirmations, which are positive declarations of you. I always start with these first three: “I am healthy. I am wealthy. I am wise.” Start to use the affirmations as your prayers or chants in meditation.These affirmations activate your desires while encouraging you to envision exactly who you will be. Incorporate these affirmations into your daily or regular spiritual practices for the next three months, or until the summer solstice.

Now, this is a short term activity, so keep those thoughts profound and focused on the visions of self. If you have a partner, it is good to do it together. You can also pray and meditate with family. Have them write them down.

In this three day ritual, meditating or praying is central. You can do both, too. On the other hand, some people like to add other rituals to heighten their work. Some add nightly baths, while some fast, or others abstain from indulgences like drinking or sweets. 

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Others light candles during meditation or prayer, while there are those who wear lighter colors to represent the coming vibrant blooming of plants. Whatever your spirit tells you to do, I encourage you to tap into and listen to your first mind. To me, this is an important aspect of spirituality rather than religion. So, create your own practice that suits you, but remember to envision and bring forth your dreams in your mind through prayer and meditation.

On the third day, burn the brown paper bag, but keep the affirmations you wrote and recite them as often as possible. On Sunday, celebrate with a nice meal and good times with family and friends. Be grateful. Also, keep your thoughts and vibrations in a positive space. Of other importance, remember what we’re going through is temporary, so stay calm and allow your wishes to bloom.

Rev. A. Todd Jackson, also known as Baba Todd, founded the House of Spiritual purpose in Houston. He is an ordained minister in the A.M.E. church and an Ifa priest.

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