Stone’s Juke Joint Saturday Night Concert Series on Ark Republic

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Jam out to a live concert sponsored by Stone’s Juke Joint as a special series on Ark Republic.

Matito Ki’ Abayomi, of webseries, “Tito presents ‘Only in L.A.,’” wanted to do something special for Ark Republic’s members as they stay indoors for the next couple of weeks. So he put together a Saturday Night Concert mini-series featuring performances from his venue, Stone’s Juke Joint. This performance is by talented vocalist Keon.

A juke joint was a popular hangout for Black southerners during segregation. During that time, Jim Crow laws prohibited them from socializing at local bars, clubs and meeting places in town. As a result, they used modest-sized structures often barns, mechanic shops, or even someone’s home, to hold late night soirees. These establishments became known as juke joints, and often served as critical stopping points for touring African American musicians and singers from early 20th Century to the 1980s to gain recognition.

Juke joints still exist today, but not as many. Ki’Abayomi, also known as Stone pays homage to his Louisiana and Mississippi roots with a pop up juke joint in Los Angeles. Here’s artist Keon performing a range of R&B songs.

Only in L.A.” will start up again on Ark Republic, we hope you enjoy the show.

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