Burn Motherfucker, Burn: Minneapolis protests escalate into the night

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A police station building goes up in flames in the third day of police protests in Minneapolis around slain African American, George Floyd.

Since the police killing of George Floyd, Minneapolis demonstrators have ratcheted up their resistance efforts. In a strategy targeting police stations, the 3rd Precinct was picketed heavily. At some point, the police station caught fire and burned by Thursday night.

“To me it’s important for people to realize that violence begets violence and more force brings about [loss] of life and more devastation,” Said Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to CSPAN.  “And so we have to find a balance here. We have to be able to peacefully protest, but work to protect one another and make sure our communities are going to be intact and prioritize the lives of people who are going to be impacted.”

According to NBC News, the Minneapolis department spokesperson, John Elder, some demonstrators forced their way into the building then “ignited several fires.” Bursts of fire came from the inside and on the sides of the building. However, it was not indicated if anyone was apprehended or hurt in the action, but officers in the building evacuated themselves.

The 3rd Precinct is the headquarters for patrol officers, precinct investigations, the community response team and community crime prevention or the SAFE program.

Through the night, protestors marched and walked the perimeter of the building. Moments of angst occurred when some protestors threw bottles and rocks toward law enforcement officers and properties. However the escalation intensified after protestors said law enforcement showed violent aggression on nonviolent protests leading up to fire.

Minnesota National Guards

Dame Crawford of Uncouth Radio reported that his on-the-ground source said police fired “rubber bullets into crowds indiscriminately,” days before protestors became more aggressive. 

Also demonstrators were tear gassed earlier by police and attempted to go into a local Target to purchase milk to flush out the chemical in their eyes and on their face. But, Target management refused them entry. At some point, demonstrators took their anger out and trashed the store. Shortly after, people began to loot. It is unclear if looters participated in the protest or were nearby and took advantage during the chaos.

In response, Gov. Tim Walz (D) signed an executive order to activate 500 National Guards to the area.

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