Ark Republic Roundtable: George Floyd Protests + Black Lives Matter Pt. 1

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In a three-part roundtable, Ark Republic gives voice to those who are participating in demonstrations that emerged after the George Floyd police killing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

The first roundtable are three black men from regions across the US. They talk about what inspires them to participate and what they see needs to change.


Dame Crawford is a producer, musician, filmmaker and founder of Uncouth Radio. He recently launched, Our Rebellion, a platform for Black men to tell their own narratives. Instagram: DAMEWYLDE Facebook: DAME.CRAWFORD75


WordPlay is a Los-Angeles rapper and activist with a passion for equality in the Blacx Community. Since high school, WordPlay has held marches and went on to become the president of his college’s Black Student Union during his time in college. Instagram: WORDPLAYIAM + Twitter: WORDPLAYIAM

Afrika Ibiang has a family of activists which includes his two teenage children and his wife, who all reside in Newark, New Jersey. He is committed to grassroots efforts to fight on the frontlines ON issues such as education, homelessness, water contamination, police brutality, etc. Afrika has degrees in sociology and history which are put into practice through a nonprofit, Ma’at Youth Services, for over ten years. The nonprofit strives to support kids in the city by providing after school and recreational programs. Instagram: AFRIKATHTEG

Andre Noel is a Charlotte, North Carolina professional who is a member of the Alpha Phi Alpha, Beta Nu Lamba Chapter. Instagram: __THEPHIRSTNOEL

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