Woman shot at Black Lives Matter protest in New Orleans

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Anti-black violence protest ends tragically.

On Thursday, a woman was shot in the chest during a Black Lives Matter demonstration in downtown New Orleans. According to police, the victim is in stable condition. The shooting took place during a noon gathering on the corner of Gravier and Loyola Street, a regular meeting place for BLM protests.

Around 1 p.m. as protesters moved from the green space in Duncan Plaza towards City Hall, a witness says an argument between the victim and shooter ensued before shots were fired. In the melee, the suspect got away through the crowd. They have yet to be identified. But, a witness tells Ark Republic that multiple people were able to give the police a description.

Shortly after the shooting, law enforcement allowed three Black women onto the scene who began screaming and crying. Eventually, the police escorted them away.

According to witnesses, the incident occurred adjacent to the crowd of rally-goers. Witnesses also say a coroner removed a body from the scene, rather than emergency responders. After the coroner removed the body and the crowd dispersed, an ambulance arrived. A person on a stretcher was placed into the vehicle and transported away. At press time, it is not clear who was transported in the coroner’s vehicle, and who was taken in the ambulance.

Whether or not the shooter or victim was part of the rally is unknown at press time. Police say the motive for the shooting is likely to be not connected to the protest. 

Unlike previous protests, the police patrols at Thursday’s demonstration was light. When officers were called after the shooting, at one point, police detained a woman in a cop car. In response, protesters formed a circle around the police vehicle chanting, “Hands up don’t shoot,” demanding for her release. Organizers also plead on the detainee’s behalf. Eventually, law enforcement let her go then the crowd disbanded.

The victim’s identity has yet to be announced.

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