Ark Republic Roundtable: George Floyd Protests + Black Lives Matter Pt. 2

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Part two of a three-part roundtable, Ark Republic gives voice to protesters participating in demonstrations that emerged after the George Floyd police killing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Three participants, Ashley Hinds, (NC), Marquis Duncan (DC) and Dana Nasceau (NY) discuss their involvement with Rolanda JW Spencer and Kaia Shivers.

Ashley Hinds is from Brooklyn, but resides in North Carolina. She graduated with a bachelor’s of science in public health and currently works in clinical research development in Durham. Also, she works in an alumni affinity group for her alma mater to address university issues impacting past and present

Marquis Duncan currently live in Maryland. He is an English language arts teacher for Friendship Public Charter Schools located in Washington D.C., and a proud member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. While a student at his alma mater, UNC Wilmington, he actively stood and fought against injustice as a student leader; as well as, in his community as an advocate for change. He says, “I was inspired to protest probably for the same reasons as most — change is needed, and it’s needed now. Living right outside of the capital, I’ve gone to protest and march several times in various places and ways throughout DC, notably the White House and Capitol building.”

Dana Nasceau is professor, law librarian and researcher. She lives in Manhattan with her husband and two daughters.

Rolanda JW Spencer is a sociologist, professor, researcher and co-founder of Alternative Education Research Institute. She has worked in social justice, the justice system and mass incarceration for almost two decades.

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