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Activating the revolution in your mind is the most powerful thing you can do for this summer solstice

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When news spread through my family that one of our own had been a victim to police violence, my understanding of the coming summer solstice flipped on its back. But thats the era we’re in, it’s a revolution, and you need to get ready for it.

George Floyd was my cousin. Our great grandfathers were brothers in Houston where I and George grew up. Admittedly, I didn’t know him well, but his death, no his murder was the spark for our family to talk more. 

For weeks, we’ve been having these family chats. For those who speak about the cause and the movements going on today, they also talk about God. In these discussions, family who are in their 20s, reject the ideas that we have around religion and God.

Now these young folks are deep into protests. Some are on the frontlines. Some are doing other types of work for change. While all of them are on social media having conversations about racism. When they question God and religion, they’re really asking some very basic questions, like, “Is this God and religion thing working?” The old folks our chat would reply with something like, “trust in the Lord.” But, in truth, the question by the young folks forces all of us to re-evaluate the church, religion, God and spirituality. 

The push back from the young folks is what I call the perfect example of a total revolution of the mind, which falls in line with the summer solstice happening on Sunday, June 21st. 

Already, the summer solstice is the most powerful time of the year for transformation because it is the point in which you must reassess life and how you’re executing your purpose and plans. It is the midpoint of the year where you check the temperature of your life. In your personal assessment, you must be really honest about what works and what must be thrown out.

My younger family, even my daughter, are looking and thinking about better ways after generations of injustices. Frankly, I am too.

So for this coming summer solstice, I want you to look at those plans you drew up in December or January. Gut them. I mean a total overhaul. Your revamping of plans must compliment the revolution occurring in your mind.

Today, I want you to answer these three questions: 1. Who are you? 2. What do you want with the world being what is? 3. What do you want to see for you? 4. What do you want to see for your children, or the younger folk in your family?

It is necessary to really think about how you will actuate the revolution of your mind because in African tradition, those things that cannot or will not evolve will be left behind.

This is part one to a two-part write up focusing on the summer solstice of 2020. Part two will focus on what to do during the summer solstice and why the alignment of the planets unveils this is a historical moment where great upheaval and change were literary etched out in the stars.

A. Todd Jackson, also known as Baba Todd is an ordained minister in the A.M.E. Faith and an Ifa priest

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