Breonna Taylor, Juneteenth as a holiday and Supreme Court decisions| Podcast

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For our weekly chat with Lisa Durden, we get into the changing US with pressing issues such as a pending new independence holiday, the latest protests and how the Supreme Court gave Donald Trump and discrimination a smack down.

This week on our check in with social commentator and pop culture critic, Lisa Durden, we cover current issues with these questions:

Question 1: On Juneteenth, and the passage of national holiday. While people applaud the gesture, they are asking for more substantive legislation like healthcare, police protections and reparations.

Question 2: Gives us some updates on Breonna Taylor?

Question 3: Donald Trump already said that he will be filing more papers to challenge the Supreme Court Ruling. Is this him buying time? What is his motive for this?

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Question 4: The Supreme Court’s decision for workplace protections for the LGBTQ community was also passed this week. Is this a symbolic gesture, or will this have meat on the bones?

Question 5: Side bar, do you want to talk about the beef between the white LGBTQ and Black LGBTQ community over the All Lives Matter march this weekend. The Black LGBTQ was like, y’all racists as shit

Question 6: Where is Sleepy Joe?

Question 7: How do we activate our voting power?

Lisa Durden is a social and pop cultural commentator, producer and TV personality.

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  1. Why ask the government for a holiday? When we wanted MLK Day as a holiday, it was met with opposition; to the point Arizona had to be blackmailed into ratifying it. Then when it was finally instituted, it just became another sale/marketing opportunity. So as long as we, (Blacks) celebrate it, eventually the government, will have no choice, but to make it a holiday, without us being beholding to them. Our detractors will have one less thing, to deride the community. “Kujichagulia”, means self-determination in Swahili ( to define, name, create, and speak for ourselves). So let us, not recite it, but live it.

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