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With protests comes protests art. This story captures some of the visual art that creates the current movement against anti-Black violence and racism.

With demonstrations against anti-Black violence and racism, comes protest art. From shrines to murals, protest art is captured throughout the world. Before famed writer Toni Morrison passed away, she spoke about the importance of the artist on one hand. On the other, she explains the danger of art.

On the dangers of art 

I want to remind us all that art is dangerous. I want to remind you of the history of artists who have been murdered, slaughtered, imprisoned, chopped up, refused entrance. The history of art, whether it’s in music or written or what have you, has always been bloody, because dictators and people in office and people who want to control and deceive know exactly the people who will disturb their plans.

And those people are artists. They’re the ones that sing the truth. And that is something that society has got to protect. But when you enter that field, no matter whether that’s Sonia’s poetry or Ta-Nehisi’s rather startlingly clear prose, it’s a dangerous pursuit. Somebody’s out to get you. You have to know it before you start, and do it under those circumstances, because it is one of the most important things that human beings do.

Toni Morrison in conversation with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Sonia Sanchez

Morrison’s idea situates protesters and art at the center of its importance and salience. This photo story is a collection of photographs capturing art at rallies and demonstrations that started in late May, and continue.

George Floyd mural and shrine, Minneapolis. Photo credit: Benjamin Moran.

Statement all in La Jolla, California. Photo credit: Tony Andrews. 

Protest signs in Washington D.C. Photo credit: Clay Banks. 

George Floyd mural in Burbank, California. Photo credit: Stephanie Valencia.

Mural and shrine in La Mesa, California. Photo credit: Tony Andrews on Twenty20.

George Floyd mural and shrine in Portland. Photo credit: Mercedes Mehling. 

Diversity mural in La Jolla, California. Photo credit: Tony Andrews, Unsplash.


Minneapolis mural of African Americans killed by police. Photo credit: Priscilla Gyamfi. 

George Floyd mural and public shrine in Minneapolis. Photo credit: Munshots.

Dedication wall in Portland. Photo credit: Mercedes Mehling. 

Torched and graffiti’ed car in Los Angeles. Photo credit: BP Miller. 

Black Lives Matter plaza and thoroughfare in Washington DC. 

#Sayhisname poster. Photo credit: Logan Weaver. 

Remember Louisville, Kentucky resident, Breonna Tayler, killed in a no-knock warrant raid by local police department. Photo credit: Maria Oswalt. 

Protest art to George Floyd in Montreal, Canada. Photo credit: Oliver Collet.

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