Women murdered in the US military, Covid-19 impacts schools to NFL’s Black National anthem pledge

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Diving into another week of current affairs, our Lisa Durden weekly check in covers independence day celebrations, the EU ban on US travelers, and what are we going to do with these “Karens.”

We have much to talk about this week in our Lisa Durden check in. Check out our topics and tune in:

  1. Do you celebrate July 4th?
  2. Black and brown women murdered in the military.
  3. What are we going to do about Karen, otherwise known as white women who weaponize their whiteness and law enforcement with bogus accusations and hostile confrontations?
  4. EU ban on US travelers.
  5. With numbers spiking in different areas, what should schools do?
  6. The NFL pledged to play the Black National anthem.
  7. Revisit Charles Booker in KY. He lost, but is s
  8. Jada, August Alsina and Will Smith and the alleged extramarital affair. 
Lisa Durden is a social and pop cultural commentator, producer and TV personality.

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