Where do we go from here? Notes and discussions on Oprah Winfrey’s town hall | Stop Brutalizing Black Bodies Podcast

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At the height of the George Floyd Protests, Oprah Winfrey dug into her journalistic roots to host a town hall discussing hundreds of demonstrations that racked America. Lisa Durden assembled a group of Black women in the media to critique it.

In this weeks, Stop Brutalizing Black Bodies podcast, Durden’s two-part dialogue discusses the ideas presented in Winfrey’s two-part town hall. In the media mogul’s first talk, the question, “Where do we go from here?” framed the dialogue. The five women on Durden’s panel, also known as her #DopeAFContributors  answer that same question as they contextualize how the nation is at a tipping point.

Jewel Cadet. Founder of Ratchet Revolutionary, a social justice organizer for the rights of women, girls, femmes, transgender and gender non-conforming. She also hosts,  Jewels Gems IG Live Talks Show.

Chanta L. Jackson. A veteran journalist and member of the Neptune Township Board of Education. As well, Jackson works in the communications office and is registrar for the Asbury Park School District

Dr. Kaia Shivers. A Liberal Studies Professor, media studies scholar and Empress & Chief of Ark Republic.

Caryl Lucas. Socialpreneur/Speaker/Trainer/Author and founder of the Unstoppable Girls Foundation Project. Lucas is also CEO of Coach on Call Trainings

Precious Stroud. President of PJS Consultants and founder of The Black Female Project

Lisa Durden is a social and pop cultural commentator, producer and TV personality.

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