White Women Call Out Karens. Is saying Karen the same as calling Black people N_ggers?

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“Karen, come out to play . . .” Lisa Durden tackles an old phenomenon with a new name. What is a Karen? A white women who weaponizes their whiteness, gender and privilege for the harm of Black people and furthering white supremacy.

Four white women unpack and rip apart the Karen’s of the world, Lisa Durden discusses white female privilege in the age of Black Lives Matter.

This Week’s Dope AF Contributors:

Dr. Jessie Daniels – Professor of Sociology #HunterCollege & Professor of Sociology, Critical Psychology & Africana Studies The Graduate Center at #CUNY. She’s currently at work on a BOMB book called “Undoing White Womanhood.”

Professor Jennifer Wager – Cinematographer & Director of Dare to Dream: Cuba’s Latin American Medical School. Assistant Professor at #EssexCountyCollege and Director of the Communications & New Media Technology programs.

Meg Tanner – Meg Tanner Academic Coaching/Parent Support/Educational Consultant. The Director of counseling for a recovery program and has seven years of classroom teaching experience in the public school system. 

Ryan Adamczeski – A junior at #NewYorkUniversity’s Tisch School of the Arts in the Department of Dramatic Writing. With aspirations to one day write for film and television. Ryan is also part of the #LGBTQ+ community and likes to incorporate those themes and representation in her writing.

Lisa Durden is a social and pop cultural commentator, producer and TV personality.

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