Safety of in-school classes: Back to school plans of in person lessons draw questions in the Covid-19 pandemic

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What will happen when in-person classes resume in September?

With schools across the southern US reporting Covid-19 spikes, Covid-19 and the coming school year bring concern on infection rates. Lisa Durden asks if the classroom is a Covid-19 hotspot or a safe space for students, teachers and faculty.

Durden, along with her #DopeAF contributors talk about the risks and rewards.

Dr. Leah Z. Owens. Owner of Just Writing LLC. An Education, Research and Consultant Company. She’s also a teacher-scholar-activist and former elected member of the Newark Board of Education. She’s a co-founding member of Newark Education Workers (NEW) Caucus. Her years teaching in Newark Public Schools, shaped her political consciousness in a way that centers antiracism and justice.  She currently serves as a coordinator in the Teacher Education Department at Drew University.

Terrance L. Bankston. Serves as the Interim Director/Coordinator of Service Learning and 1st Year Experience at Bloomfield College Center for Student Leadership and Engagement. He’s also very active in his community of Newark, NJ as the founder of Parent University and will be hosting the Southward Summit; a virtual engagement event to discuss the state of the southward, happening on August 15, 2020.

Denise Cole. Education Advocate/Member of The Alliance For Newark Public Schools. Retired Certified Social Worker, NJ, Retired Captain in the United States Army and Retired Senior Investigator at Office of the Public Defender.

Lisa Durden is a social and pop cultural commentator, producer and TV personality. She’s the Host & Producer of the new Stop Brutalizing BlackBodies Podcast on YouTube. Ms. Durden is a Former “A-Plus Panel” Contributor on My9’s “Chasing News.”

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