Black men call out Karens

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Continuing the series of tackling the attack of the Karens, Lisa Durden speaks to Black men on the Karen phenomenon. In an interesting conversation, contributors center antagonisms against them in the racialized weaponization of white women.

This week’s discussion, Black men call out Karens, the contributors share and talk about experiences with white women who falsely accuse Black people, and in particular, Black men of assault and harassment. 

Lisa Durden begins with Onsayo Abram who shares his frightening experience in 2018 with Stanford professor, Jennifer Schulte, who is now known as  BBQ Becky. Schulte, a white woman, called the cops on him and his family, while they simply barbecuing in the Park.

This Week’s #DopeAFContributors

Dr. Byron Young is a community-oriented child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist, as well as an outpatient psychiatrist and founder of, a compilation of mental health resources. Dr. Young is also an Emotional Wellness Education Developer and Consultant for Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health. 

Onsayo Abram is a co-Founder of the non-profit organization, 2 Brothers At The Lake, which focuses on youth leadership and job training. Their mission is to “significantly improve the city of Oakland, so that residents can thrive.” He’s also a member of Sprinkler Fitters Local 483 of 20 plus years, where he Installed Fire Protection Systems. 

Rassan Sowell, MSW is a medical social worker in a rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility. Received his BA in cultural anthropology from William Paterson University, and an MA in applied anthropology and a master of social work from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Sowell is also currently working toward his clinical social work licensure. He’s originally from Newark and a US Army Veteran.

Edmond Davis is a social historian, influencer, speaker, law enforcement scholar and author of “Pioneering African American Aviators,” featuring The Tuskegee Airmen of Arkansas. Mr. Davis is a 12-year professor of history at Arkansas Baptist College in Little Rock, Arkansas. He advocates for quality education, cultural competence, and social justice. He’s also the founder of the ‘RESPOND-I-BILITY’ program.

Bahlial Lott has bachelor’s degree in video production from Rutgers University. After graduating with honors, Mr. Lott released a documentary entitled “Damned,” which focuses on the unfortunate events pertaining to police brutality and violence within the urban community. Mr. Lott was born in Newark, which is also where he completed a photography fellowship at Shine Portrait Studio and is an up and coming photographer. 

Lisa Durden is a social and pop cultural commentator, producer and TV personality. She’s the Host & Producer of the new Stop Brutalizing BlackBodies Podcast on YouTube. Ms. Durden is a Former “A-Plus Panel” Contributor on My9’s “Chasing News.”

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