Yoga during the fall season is about balance and gratitude

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Inviting you to a comfortable seat of practice, yoga teacher, Kali Alexander, ushers in fall with a Fall Equinox sequence of poses that encourage balance and gratitude into your life. Time to get grounded and open.

Opening up the body to welcome the cool, invigorating autumn months, Alexander, who is the founder of Chocolate Yoga Twist, explains the importance of Fall.

The season of fall corresponds to the element of metal. And what we know from the various earth medicines of the world is that the season of fall is connected to in nature the idea of trees shedding their leaves. And that whole cycle of the leaves dropping into the earth creating the fertile ground for the next harvest.

When out of balance within our human existence, the season of fall can embody a sense of the emotion of grief. But, when in balance it is an opportunity and especially an opportunity to venerate our ancestors.”

Kali Alexander is the creator of Chocolate Twist Yoga, a beginner-friendly series of yoga classes helping you feel and live better in your body. She holds teacher trainings and retreats around the world. Namaste with some soul in it.

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