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With the surging pressures of racism and the Coronavirus pandemic, many have looked outside of the US for refuge. We talk to people who have established programs to live abroad rather temporarily or for long term.

On this week’s, The Remedy, two professionals, T. Barnes of Travel Global Lifestyle and Sgt. Lawrence Totimeh of Liberia Forward, discuss how they offer programs for Blacks in America to visit or live abroad; especially at a time when there is growing racial and political pressure. he discussion goes into discourses of freedom and living, and really get into the obstacles that prevent Blacks in the US, who have some of the most mobility, to move around the world.

Barnes started the Black Freedom Colony, which is a temporary refuge in Tulum, Mexico. Totimeh launched, Liberia Forward for Liberians abroad, to enfranchise the West African country that once housed a colony of free slaves from the US.

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