First presidential debate: The missteps, the loser, the winner and why it’s important for everyone

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Entering into the last week of the major elections, including the next POTUS, Lisa Durden and her guests dissect the presidential debates between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

In one of the more contentious presidential races, this Week’s #DopeAFContributors discuss the major points of the debate.

Dr. Leah Z. Owens. Owner of Just Writing LLC. An education, research and consultant company. She’s also a teacher-scholar-activist and former elected member of the Newark Board of Education. She’s Co-Founding member of Newark Education Workers (NEW) Caucus. Her years teaching in Newark Public Schools, shaped her political consciousness in a way that centers anti-racism and justice.  

Alturrick Kenney. Essex County surrogate and senior consultant at Impact Public Affairs Howard University. He’s also a former elected member of the Newark Board of Education. 

Iris Williams. Real estate agent at The Corcoran Group in Brooklyn NY. She’s also an actress with a Masters In Fine Arts from the Actors Studio.

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