Why is Black America offended by Ice Cube?

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‘Eff you Ice Cube,’ became more than a line in a rapper-turned-businessman Ice Cube’s quest to get Republican and Democratic presidential candidates to consider incorporating a Black agenda he proposed.

Days after Ice Cube confirmed that he did speak with Republican and Democratic presidential campaigns about his Contract With Black America, he experienced a maelstrom of disapproval. In days, the hip-hop icon turned entertainment businessman was cancelled. In this segment, we ask why are so many Black Americans were offended by his political participation. 

Guest Dame Crawford of Uncouth Radio joins Weekly Check In contributor, Mikhail Furnace, and Ark Republic managing editor Rolanda Spencer and E-I-C, Kaia Shivers to talk about the response of Ice Cube’s talks with Trump aides about the Contract With Black America. This talk breaks down some elements of the contract, but explores ideas of elitism, haterism and gatekeeping. Overall it asks, how do we help people redeem themselves when they are rooting for Black empowerment.

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