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7 Best practices while Mercury is in retrograde

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Disruption and chaos are unusually intense during this retrograde. Here are some tips to stay calm and grounded.

Until election day, Mercury will be in retrograde. For 21 days, the world will undergo a period of intense chaos and discord. From the spiritual perspective, there might be confusion, but there is also calm and order. That is the energy you want to situate yourself.

1. Refrain from starting new projects or striking new business deals

Because Mercury corresponds with communication, it can be quite difficult or even disastrous. When the planet is in retrograde, the world experiences blockages and delays in technology, and moreso, clear discussions between people. Starting a new project or venture requires contracts, blueprints, plans and lots of details that have a high possibility of getting jacked up.

Many major corporations and powerful people never start new businesses or make major decisions regarding business or some type of contract during this time. Now if you’ve already been working on something and the direction has changed, then that’s different. Actually, that is expected during a Mercury retrograde.

So if someone presents a new idea, respectfully postpone it to revisit at a later day. When you do, it is important to be clear and graceful so that it can be received constructively.

2. Be mindful of communication of other people

It is so important that you articulate your intentions with as much conciseness during this time. At the same time, be slow to understand fully what others tell you. This means, take a pause before you respond to people in conversation because there might be a disruption in the back-and-forth.

With that being said, it is great practice to exert discernment on who and how you communicate with. Some people will work with you, while others just won’t get it. When those clashes happen, you’ve got to just walk away and let it go. It is not worth it during this time because it can get funkier than an old batch of collard greens.

So, when you engage in communication, keep it in the light as much as you can. When you can’t take a breath and extend an olive branch when necessary. But remember, some might take your olive branch and break it in two.

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3. Be mindful in accepting things as they appear on the surface level. 

When someone makes you an offer, it is customary to not take the first proposal. Even, that is made or acting upon on a request. Allow yourself the time to count to one thousand one, two thousand, three thousand, before responding or acting.  The surface level only gives you the ability to see what’s in front of you , when you take your time I.e. meditation those things that were initially not visible will begin to reveal themselves. Remember ESU also has the keys to doors that may not have open yet.   

4. Withhold from big purchases

When people get nervous or on edge, especially in countries where money is in excess. The thing to do is impulse shopping. But, buyer’s remorse is real during this time. Remember while Mercury is in retrograde, things will appear one way, but they are really something else.

So stay away from major purchases like a car or taking a mortgage out for a house, and even big jewelry purchases. These can end up with a plethora of malfunctions or even fake.

5. Watch your emotions

People are going to get batshit crazy during this time. There is no nice way to say it. What you must do is remain focused on taking care of yourself and mental and emotional health. All of this is connected to communication and how you deal with others.

If you have beef with someone or don’t see eye-to-eye, it’s good to avoid the conversation while cooler heads prevail. But if you can extend an olive branch then do so. That means go within. 

I suggest four priorities to practice during this time: reassess + reaffirm + reevaluate + redefine.

6. Limit your intake of news

Have you noticed in these days nearing the election that people are fighting and cursing each other out? And for things that aren’t even true. That’s what we call getting caught up in the frequency of the news channels. You’ll see a lot of that brewing which generates depression, anxiety and despair.

Since the news cycles during major election years are heavier than usual, focus on moving away from information that encourages or incites mudslinging and discord. As well, I advise you avoid taking things as the gospel truth. Do your own research and make well-informed decisions because this political time fueled by Mercury and Mars means fertile soil for disruptions and mayhem.

There will be a lot of things that are going to be said and visuals posted that simply are not true. Review repeatedly because it is often not what it seems.

7. Immerse yourself totally in soul-satisfying, self-care

If there is ever a time to commit to self care is now. While everyone is going nuts, you have a cool head and divine intentions to ground you.

During this time, meditate or pray often about what plans and goals to institute for self. Speak out loud where you want to go and your intentions to remove uncertainty and doubt.

Take a nice healing bath to ease the body and mind. A lavender bath or a bath of epsom salt removes toxins and relaxes you. 

Another way to self care is to play music that elevates your vibration. Or, anoint yourself with what I call, “smell goods.” Seek out a reputable counselor to help guide you through if need be, and check the temperature of your emotional and mental health frequently.

Of another importance, maintain your physical health. During this time of staying safe during Covid-19, you also must monitor and maintain the best optimal health. Whether it is taking your herbal teas or medicinal plants, or maintaining your prescriptions, self-caring is acknowledging the optimal condition of the physical.

A. Todd Jackson, also known as Baba Todd is an ordained minister in the A.M.E. Faith and an Ifa priest

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