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When Covid-19 shutdown the world, all institutions experienced huge disruptions, and have not found their footing. This includes education. So we asked educators for their opinion on the state of education in a Covid-19 world on The Remedy Podcast.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, school systems across the US from K through 12 and at the college and university level were struggling. From under-funding to under-resourced and under-staffed, the issues were endless creating a difficult environment for both staff and students. 

When Covid-19 forced schools to shut down, the problems that already existed, amplified. Teachers were thrust into the responsibility of turning in-class interactive classrooms into virtual learning sites a matter of weeks. For some it was a matter of days. 

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With the educational system turned upside down, all of those who were barely hanging on, fell out of a system already failing students, parents and teachers. 

Now in the new school year, school districts, colleges and universities were faced with the question of reopening or remaining virtual. The decision made by education leaders often clashed with its most important asset, teachers.

Today on The Remedy, we talk to educators, Crystal Williams, Mikhail Furnace and Jennifer Wager, to get their insight on sustainable, implementable and worthy solutions.

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