Election talk, Barrett confirmation, Ice Cube and EndSARS

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This Weekly Check In covers the latest US Supreme Court confirmation, the Ice Cube backlash and the clash between Nigerian protesters and police.

Major elections are around the corner, so we invited Dame Crawford of Uncouth Radio to talk with Mikhail Furnace, Rolanda Spencer and Kaia Shivers on important issues. With the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the US Supreme Court we talk about how to navigate a conservative court and what will activate white women if reproductive rights are impacted.

We move to Ice Cube who released his Contract With Black America months ago. In the wake of him confirming that Trump aides spoke to him about incorporating it into The Platinum Plan, he experienced a maelstrom of disapproval. Shortly thereafter, the hip-hop icon turned entertainment businessman was canceled. In this segment, we ask why so many Black Americans were offended by his political participation.

After guests revisit the US  elections, we go global when talking about Nigeria and the recent clash between protesters and the state’s military police. Protesters, following the global Black Lives Matter demonstrations called to end the special Nigerian unit SARS, citing its history of police brutality, profiling and corruption.

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