Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) is one of the highest ranking members in leadership in the House.

Heightened discussions of Rep. Hakeem Jeffries being first Black Speaker of the House

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If Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) becomes Speaker of the House, this is a groundbreaking moment. Not only would it represent a new face of political power, but he will be the first Black congressional member to occupy the position. 

A barrier breaking moment is on the horizon once again. The New York Times reports that Rep. Jeffries is a top contender to succeed Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). The incumbent Speaker announced her retirement in 2018 and plans to step down in 2022 according to 48 Hills.

As it stands, Rep. Jeffries is a top candidate for the job. Currently, in his fourth term and the fifth highest ranking member in House leadership, he already serves as an impeachment manager in the Senate trial for President Trump and chair of the Democratic Caucus. 

As the head of the caucus, Rep. Jeffries leads and manages all meetings and interactions since they were made to work online due to the COVID-19. So far, he has hosted a total of 60 caucus-wide calls since the start of the pandemic. To add, he has a wide range of support across the Democratic Caucus, as per Politico.

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A powerful voice of economic and social justice, Rep. Jeffries looks to execute the agenda of President-elect Joe Biden. Rep. Jeffries tweeted, “Mitch McConnell promised to make Barack Obama a one-term President. He failed. The American people just delivered the Obama-Biden team a third term. FACTS.”

Despite the talks of Rep. Jeffries being most likely to be nominated as the next Speaker, Rep. Jeffries has been hot on incumbent President Donald Trump’s trail.  Following the election Rep. Jeffries tweeted, “The impeached and defeated President just fired the Secretary of Defense. Is he trying to manipulate the Pentagon? There will be a peaceful transition of power one way or another on January 20th.”

Aside from Rep. Jeffries’ qualifications, members of the House are ready for a change in management. Dissatisfied with the results of the 2020 election and the job House Speaker Pelosi has done during her term, two Democrats who wish to remain anonymous reached out to their colleagues about backing Rep. Jeffries as the Speaker in the next Congress according to the Hill.

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