Who shined the light in our darkest hour? Ark Republic accepts submissions for “The Light Series”

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2020 went low, but we’re finishing it by going high with our only major collaborative project of the year.

Last year, we started The Light Series to celebrate and feature our community. Our purpose was to end the year on a positive note. We never knew that the power of our community would carry us through 2020, but it did. So, we’re doing it again because 2020 has been a beast. 

To usher in an exceptionally wonderful 2021, Ark Republic is ending the year with a series of mixed-media stories of hope, empowerment, leadership, courage, brilliance, family and affirmation. The Light Series is a month-long exploration of all things light and love that shined through the year in spite of the difficulties we faced. From tragedies to uncertainties and even through tragic losses, we power forward together.

This year’s series is accepting all stories, creative works and profiles that vibrate with good energy, in general, but with a focus on how we got through 2020. With this theme, we’re asking again for your participation in highlighting those in your community who need some shine, or even yourself, your business, campaign or your superpower.

What are we looking for?

  • Community persons
  • Activists
  • Entrepreneurs & Professionals
  • Great stories of inspiration
  • Artists/Creatives
  • Do-gooders
  • Spiritual centers in the community
  • Community centers
  • Organizations that really feed the people
  • Winter or holiday traditions
  • Great recipes
  • Humor, lots of humor
  • Dope events, moments and/or movements

Whatever you think that powered us through this difficult year.

If you would like to be a part of the series please answer at least five of the questions. As well, if you have a personal essay, article, video, poem/spoken word or other media presentation of your work, send it with your answers and at least one high resolution picture of yourself to the following:  thelight@arkrepublic.com.

If you’d like to nominate someone, please send us their contact information and we’ll do the rest.

  • Name:
  • Location:
  • Please provide hi res photos and/or clear video
  • Please provide social media handles (if you do not have any then that is still fine)
  • Name the event, moment or work that defines you being in the light series.
  • Give us 2 or 5 paragraphs or 10 bullet points of the back story.


Q1: How do you define your work? 

Q2: What population does your work serve?

Q3: How do you do your work differently than others in your field?

Q4: How did you create an audience or community?

Q5: How did the pandemic or protests change or shift your life?

Q6: How did you find strength in some of the darkest hours this year?

Q7: Who or what gave you the courage to continue on

Q8: Which of your accomplishments gives you joy?

Q9: What is a philosophy or idea that keeps you grounded?

Q10: 2021 and forward is about reimagining and repair. What is your great imagining or construction of what the world must look like and be?

Anything you’d like to add, please do.

Remember to send submissions and inquiries to thelight@arkrepublic.com

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