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Welcome to The Light Series, Ark Republic’s annual initiative to illuminate beneficent people and inspiring news with good vibes. 

Our second Light Series dedicates December to a constant stream of mixed-media stories celebrating hope, empowerment, leadership, courage, brilliance, family and affirmation. Part of a collection of major collaborative projects throughout the year, The Light Series is a community collaboration inviting all who want to highlight great works and exceptionally generous folks. Ultimately, our goal is to close out 2020 on a high note, while walking into 2021 with purpose and positivity.

Because of the massive impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and emergence of protests against racial injustice, Ark Republic had to radically change its production calendar. In fact, we cancelled all major collaborative projects, but the one we felt we needed the most—The Light Series.

When we made the announcement, the responses overflowed. So for the next 31 days, we have a plethora of personal profiles, podcasts, features, and news articles that replace four years of toxic, fake news with some feel good, real news. In sum, we’re dismantling and disrupting the algorithms by channeling all things light and love.

Water the seeds. Nurture our needs

For the first time, Ark Republic is running a major fundraising campaign. However, we’re sharing the monies raised with our sister organization, Black Farmers Index. Proceeds will be split, and all donations will be tax deductible through Black Farmers Index.

As a non-profit, Black Farmers Index was birthed from a project Ark Republic carried out during the height of the pandemic. As a way to provide solutions-based journalism while reporting growing food insecurity in the country, we created an online resource directing consumers to Black farmers. Now Black Farmers Index has over 700 farms and growers across the US listed.  

Today, the index is the largest, most comprehensive, free and public listing of Black farmers. The money raised for Black Farmers Index will go towards improving the functionality of the index and growing it as a resource for farmers.

Since Ark Republic’s inception, it has mainly run on boot-strapped funds. The money raised will be directed to maintaining the website, picking back up more operations and paying the contributors of Ark Republic. To date, we’ve hired over 60 freelancers and have provided the opportunity for contributors to join The NewsGuild of Philadelphia Local 38010 CWA

Much of the money goes to our contributors because we want to continue to fuel good stories and the people who create them. In turn, Ark Republicans will be nourished with information to navigate a world with growing uncertainties. At the same time, the stories and news we provide aims to replenish our community to power forward together. In whole, we need your help to expand a knitted community we’ve cultivated across the world.

With the unforeseen hardships of 2020, we gained clarity. The world must reconstruct and reimagine itself with information that educates, empowers and activates our collective brilliance and humanity. Please support us and enjoy the series.

Be safe, sane and full of light

From the editors . . . Kaia & Rolanda

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For The Light Series, we’re raising money for Ark Republic and Black Farmers Index.  We need your help to keep the wheels churning and the stories flowing. Please donate to organizations committed to keeping you informed with rich, robust stories and great connections to empowered people.

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