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Until December 25, the time is now to harness the energy for rebirth. While the planets shift, they are also emitting great energy. Now use it to restore yourself, rewrite yourself, and reconstruct who you are for a better version of you.

Last week, there was a solar eclipse. On Sunday began the winter solstice which indicates the longest night of the year. The solstice ends on Monday with the Great Conjunction, or when the two largest planets, Jupiter and Saturn, position themselves so close that they appear as one.

The Great Conjunction happened was about 400 years ago. However, the last time it happened at night was 800 years ago. Added to an already jam-packed 7 days of planet-shifting, astrologers believe that the conjunction officially ushers in the Age of Aquarius.

With all that is occurring, your feelings of intensity, high emotions, anxiety, exhaustion, or even the feelings of becoming untethered to your old self are normal. Like the solar system that we are all a part of-both in body composition and our location in the galaxy-we too are changing.

What does that mean? Allow yourself to be reborn. To shed spiritual skin, toxic relationships, and even binding contracts or situations.

Last year, The Light Series participant, NZingha Ra’in clears out the old for the new annually. “As part of the purging process, I cancel all my financial cards and get new numbers for them.” She continues, “During this time, I plot the moon’s shifts and charge my stones with new energy. My meditation at the altar may include candles, herbs that are burned or offered, and stones that are either placed or held for a specific purpose.”

Rain is right. Get rid of that old energy. Or better yet, use it as the spiritual fertilizer to hibernate this winter for the coming spring equinox in March 2021.

Ancestors . . .

To help you find yourself, you might dream about your grandmother, or be walking down a hall and hear your father’s favorite song. Perhaps you smell a hint of coffee that your mother liked, or the smell of a cigar from your spouse. Or, someone you might not know might use a quote that your aunt or uncle said to you as a child. This is an affirmation, a message to help you figure everything out.

I cannot tell you how many people have told me that someone who passed on has visited them. People are experiencing higher than normal paranormal activity, but for those of us who study or follow ancient traditions, we say the ancestors are present. In some philosophies, they say the veil or this world and others is thin at this time. That is why we are in communication with those that have left their physical bodies of this world.

Change gonna come . . .

Also in this particular time, we all are in profound introspection. We’ve all lost a great deal, but we’ve gained so much perspective. Now, the epoch we’re entering will be about the dismantling of systems such as institutions and even long-held philosophies. As all things in life, all of those structures have its season.

Even if we wanted everything to stay the same, the shift in the planets remind us that if we hold onto them then, we face extinction. When people say, that they want everything to go back to normal, they’re fooling themselves.

We must change. We must be mutable. We must allow ourselves the stillness to sit in a cocoon. To meditate and pray about how we are redefining ourselves. Nurture that longing to disrupt pattems of behavior that serves you no good.

When that is over, you move into the state of labor and delivery. The transition from the warmth of the cocoon to realizing that the oasis is too small to hold onto your expansion. So you must break through. Here is where you give yourself the space and encouragement to emerge in your new self.

Many may see this as a metaphor. It is not, People have lost jobs, family members, homes and even financial security-all he things they felt defined them. Through grief, depression and anger they are forced to move into a new state of being that is healthy and nothing like before. This is for all of us.

When the pandemic, the protests and subsequent social, economic and political events dismantled the superficial foundation, what is left is our raw, pure selves. That might be scary, but is is a beautiful thing.

Centering the internal of self is an ideal focus at this time of huge planetary shifting. Photo credit: Taryn Elliot

As you got through these next days, and even into the rest of the holiday season to the New Year, there is a lot of self work and activists you can do.

1. Meditate +/or pray
2. Create a gratitude list
3. Pay attention to your dreams
4. Give each other grace
5. Reform acts of kindness as much as you can
6. Write down powerful thoughts and ideas
7. Nurture your dreams and visions by celebrating them then putting real action plans around them. For example, write down the final goal then work backwards on things that you need to do to fulfill the goal. Along each step, identify a positive characteristic or skill you have that you can use to complete the step.

A. Todd Jackson, also known as Baba Todd is an ordained minister in the A.M.E. Faith and an Ifa priest

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