Ark Republic + Black Farmers Index Winter Mini Concert featuring Leah Jenea, Lynda Starr and Ja-Tun Thomas

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Ark Republic and Black Farmers Index Winter Concert is about celebrating life, love, creativity and being grateful that we are still here to reshape the world to be a better place. The winter concert streamed from December 25 to 27.

The performances by Lynda Starr, Leah Jenea and Ja-Tun Thomas capture the creative and resilient spirit we’ve all shown to get through tough year.

This is also a fundraiser for Ark Republic and Black Farmers Index. All money raised goes into the operations of two great organizations that use information as a tool to empower, inform and create an ecosystem of dynamic people, their businesses and organizations.

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For The Light Series, we’re raising money for Ark Republic and Black Farmers Index.  We need your help to keep the wheels churning and the stories flowing. Please donate to organizations committed to keeping you informed with rich, robust stories and great connections to empowered people.

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