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When comparing insurgents at the Capitol versus Black Lives Matter protests in front of the White House, the gross disparity is apparent. But, because sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words when describing the different standards when it comes to protesting, Matthew Gamble draws the perfect picture.

On January 6, 2020, thousands of American dissenters, some of whom were armed, stormed the Capitol building right before Congress started voting to certify Joe Biden as the 45th president. In the melee, the took over the wings of the building while Congressional members sought shelter and special security sequestered Vice President Mike Pence. After hours-long occupation, they were forced out with tear gas. One casualty was reported. Political cartoonist, Matthew Gamble captures the racial inequities in how law enforcement treated the mostly white band of domestic terrorists in comparison to Black Lives Matter protestors against social injustice. In this comic strip, you must laugh to keep from crying.

Matthew Gamble is a journalist and illustrator.

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