U.S. Capitol coup attempt unveils a white nationalist problem in military and law enforcement

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Since the attempted coup at the Capitol Building, investigations and arrests show that law enforcement and military are more than infiltrated by white nationalists.

Just days before Donald Trump leaves office, dozens of advisors, cabinet members and staff silently resign due the deaths and injuries caused by January 6, insurrection.

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The attempted coup brings up discussions of white nationalist ideology intertwined into Trump supporters and the MAGA movement that unveils an even larger problem that occurred long before Trump——white nationalists and white supremacists who were a part of the logistics and coordination of January 6 are active and retired law enforcement and military.

With this information, the White House and incoming Biden Administration have a huge issue of systemic racism to address along with huge disrepair in the country. In this Weekly Check In, we have contributors Dame Crawford and Dr. Sherise Janaye Nelson on to discuss the unsettling discoveries.

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