Chickens come home to roost: Violence at the Capitol building, Biden’s plans, Flint and dating during Rona

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Moving forward on dealing with domestic terrorists in their attempted coup at Capitol Building, uncovers deep fissures in government. How will the Biden Administration address it. All that and more on the Weekly Check In podcast.

Arrests and more information about the attempted coup at the Capitol Building still rolls in, even weeks after the incident. The question remains: What is the Biden Administration going to do about the infiltration of white nationalists and racists in the armed forces, as well as the police departments and even fire departments across the country.

If Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X were to live after their meeting before X’s then King’s death, what would their response be today? What about guns and ammo? What would be King’s take on self-defense?

We also talk about the sorely missed narratives from the Civil Rights era that are lost with the single-story of MLK; especially women in the movement.

Briefly, we talk about Flint, Michigan and the recent arrest of its former Gov. Snyder who is charged with a misdemeanor in his role in the poisoning of the city’s drinking water.

Ending on a lighter note, the panel discusses how dating and partnership during the global pandemic have drastically changed for good or for weirder.

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