‘After the funeral they drop you.’ Samaria Rice, other parents claim activists, lawyers misguide the Black Lives Matter movement

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Some parents of children highlighted in BLM movement say activists, lawyers need to fall back.

For months, Samaria Rice has been on the record about her dislike of the evolution of the Black Lives Matter Movement. The mother of Tamir Rice, a pre-teen slain by Cleveland, Ohio police officer, Samaria issued an excoriating critique against Black Lives Matter activist Tamika Mallory, and its founders—Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi—for what she called “clout chasing.”

She also called Civil Rights lawyers who have become the mainstay for taking these cases, Benjamin Crump and S. L. Merrit, “ambulance chasers.” In an interview with Sirius XM host, Clay Banks, Samaria Rice joined by Lisa Simpson, mother of Richard Risher who was gunned down by police in Los Angeles, gave detailed reasons why they say key Black Lives Matter activists such as Mallory, BLM founders, and Shaun King, and counsel representing families of the cases of children shot by cops in lawsuits exploit the movement, and are doing more damage than progress.

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