Anita Baker fights for her masters, takes on the music industry aka the plantation

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The latest performer to fight for their work, Anita Baker asks fans to support her as she challenges Warner Music Group for full ownership to her music. In her challenge, she unveils corruption and exploitation.

Superstar R&B singer, Anita Baker is yet another musical artist exposing the exploitative practices of the music industry. After almost four decades of working in entertainment, she calls it “retiring from The Plantation.” Fighting to have her original recordings, called masters, returned to her, she says that not only is that an issue, but the streaming music system undercuts artists in a profit-making process that already underpays them.

Baker is not the only singer caught up in the rapture of the business. Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Angie Stone, and Ty Tribbet have come out criticizing the pitfalls of the industry and how it undercuts artists in many ways.

The artist formerly known as Prince was the first megastar to talk about the inequities between performers and the industry, followed by Michael Jackson who said before he died that the music industry is not only racist, but their exists a tradition of performers who “work really hard at their craft, but the story ends the same. They usually are broken, torn and usually just sad . . . because the companies take advantage of them, they really do.”

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