The come up or the set up? PPP loans and scams saved and set up the economy

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During the shutdown, the Paycheck Protection Program was designed to infuse businesses that could not sustain when their doors closed temporarily. As a result, the injection of cash saved millions of businesses, and kept a wobbly economy flowing.

But, what happened in some instances was a free-for-all. Big corporations took money, and non-business entities applied—resulting in an extraction of billions. Now with audits taking place, we’re seeing that some people have questions to answer by the US Treasury about their applications.

For those who cannot afford powerful attorneys and accountants to work with their spending history, we may be looking at a string of prosecutions. But, will the benefits of keeping the economy absolve the money grab? We talk about this issue on the Weekly Check In. Our guests contributors are Dame Crawford and Sherice Janaye Nelson.

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