Environmental pollution is shrinking men’s members (p*nis) . . . ouch

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Environmental racism is real.

In this segment of “Weekly Check In” we look at environmental racism in two cities—Tampa, Florida and Memphis, Tennessee. In Tampa, an investigative report unveils how Gopher Resource, a lead extraction company that employs mostly Black, and immigrant men, has used unsafe practices resulting in high lead levels of employees. Subsequently, the poisoning has leaked into family members. The investigation reveals plummeting health conditions for the workers, and in some cases even death.
In Memphis, Valero refinery wants to build an oil pipeline over an aquifer that provides drinking water to 1 million people. A contentious city issue, one of the solutions offered is eminent domain. Who will be removed? Largely, African American homeowners. This history of the government displacing residents in order to build railroads, highways, government buildings and public utilities, has a history of using the notion of improving the society. Yet and still, it often comes at the cost of Black communities and poor communities. Our contributors are Dame Crawford and Sherice Janaye Nelson.

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