Death row inmates exonerated, awarded $75 million + Newark honors Harriet Tubman and more

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Serving you substantive news that you can use, Ark Republic News covers a range of topics from social justice to science, and ending with mental health and sports in today’s show with Justin Hill.

Our AR News broadcaster, Justin Hill dishes on current affairs.

1. Death row inmates exonerated win $75 million
2. Epstein guards charged for falling asleep on the job
3. Harriet Tubman memorial in Newark, New Jersey
4. Amazon merger
5. AT&T and Discovery merger

6. UFO sightings and the new US space program
7. Havana Syndrome

8. Europe opens backup and Italy’s dilemma
9. Spain’s corruption leads to rehabilitation for white collar criminals
10. South Carolina brings back firing squad
11. India’s black mold problem

12. NCAA says players can profit off of likeness
13. MLB’s no hitter trend
14. Shohei Ohtani, Los Angeles Angels’ phenom
15. Naomi Osaki chooses self care after fined for not participating in post-press game

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